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From 1630 to 1744 the castle belongs to Barbançois’family.
The property was seized in 1776 and sold due to unpayment. This tragic episod allows us to find some descriptions of the castle in official document with very precise details of the original aspect of the castle (principal building with 2 towers, moates, fountains, ponds with fishes...) On the eve of the French Revolution, the castle belonged to Lagarde’s Family who restored it and made some modifications too.
It’s around 1820, that a house is added to the castle. Another house dedicated fot the servants is also added in front of the master house.
In the XIIIth century, the castle didn’t exist yet. The property consisted in a simple house enclosed by moates. It was the economical link between fields, pond, forests, water mill, orchards and so on... The Fief of Celon depended of Argenton lordship from 1291 thanks to Sir Pierre de La Marche.

We supposed that it’s Jean de Céris, Lord of Ternes and Celon, who built the current castle around 1458. The castle is described in an official document at the first time in 1476.

The castle remained in the family until the wedding of Renée de Céris with Pierre Douhault.
From 2008, the fief is the property of the Guez Kaslin family. The new owner has started renovation works, with the help of local artisans, to renew with the castle’s glorious past.
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